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Instructions for Rebooting Dexter

This is a list of things you have to do to get the torso ready for use after a power outage. I am assuming that the DEE and DUM cabinets have been shut off and the tweedles have been rebooted.

  • Make sure arm cabinets, hands, fingertip sensors, and bisight head are all off.
  • Turn on DEE and DUM cabinets.
  • Turn on Tweedle, Tweedle2, Tweedle3, and Cheshire2.
  • Login to tweedle as user "wam".Type "startx". You now have five xterms. If you hit CTRL-ARROW, you can navigate around to different desktops. Go to another desktop and open five more windows.
  • In one of those windows, type "rlogin tweedle2" to login, type "vme &" to initialize VME, then "systran_init 2", and then type "dl" ("d" is another possibility) to initialize GMEM. ("dl" and "d" are both in global bin directory: /usr/local/bin). After intializing GMEM, type "waminit WAMdee" then "wampid WAMdee" - Then repeat for WAMdum in another window. (waminit is in /nfs/lpr/data1/wam/projects/torso/bin). If something doesn't look right, go to /dev/shmem and look for files named *dee and *dum and remove them - sometimes improper shutdowns leave things hanging around.
  • In the third window, log onto tweedle3, do "vme &" and "systran_int 3" followed by "dl" again to initialize GMEM and VME on tweedle3, and then type "handinit HANDdee" then "handdriver HANDdee" (make sure ftdriver is not running, otherwise handinit will freeze). Repeat in the fourth window for HANDdum.
  • In the fifth window, type "ftdriver HANDdee HANDdum". Now we've got the drivers running, so we should start up the hardware to make sure everything is OK.
  • Go back to the initial desktop. Turn on the hands and the ft sensor power box. Run "touchmove HANDdee" - the hand will twitch, initialize, then wait. Touch the fingers to make sure they all move properly. Repeat for HANDdum. Close the hands and turn them off: run "handclose HANDdee" and "handclose HANDdum", then turn off the hands and the ft sensor power box.
  • Home the arms: See the Intro to the torso document in the Twiki Torso directory for additional help. Basically you should make sure cabinets are on and reset. run "sethome WAMdee", then "sethome WAMdum". It's a good idea to get a friend with a level and run "resethome WAMdee" and "resethome WAMdum". Run "moveto WAMdee park" and "moveto WAMdum park" to put the arms down, and use the pendant disable the arms (but DON'T turn off the cabinets!). Once these are all running, you can run your programs. You should run things on tweedle and tweedle3, never tweedle2 because it is pretty bogged down with running the arm wampid programs. Run "d" and "dl" on marchhare to initialize SHAREMEM. They can be found in /lpr/wam/projects/torso/bin/linux/. Run "bisightdriver" to get the bisight background service running. It can be found in /lpr/wam/projects/torso/bin/.
  • On Koala (the machine running the windows services), sharemem also needs to be initialized. To do that, run the Scram Net Monitor program, and press the "Default" and "Update" buttons in that order.
  • ALWAYS HOME IF YOU TURN OFF wampid!!!!! When you are done - Leave the drivers (wampid, handdriver, and ftdriver) running, but unless someone has asked you specifically, don't leave any of your controllers or other programs running. Basic lab safety policy says that you will
    • Record on the white-board near the tweedles any errors or strange torso behavior.
    • Check to make sure all the drivers are running before using the robot (if any of them are not, find out WHY before you restart them).
    • If you have encountered some problem that means no one else should use the robot, stop the drivers (CTRL-C) and leave a note. Consider turning off the cabinets.
    • Never run the robot without someone else - this is for your safety more than for the safety of the robot.
    • Unless something is wrong, leave the cabinets on. But when you are done, turn off the hand power boxes and the ft sensor power box.
    • If, for some reason, you want to sign back out of x, I've set the wam account to exit if you hit "CTRL-End"