Projects Index (revised 9/3/13)

Project #1 - photovore
This is meant to be a simple, warm-up project where we'll learn how to solder/desolder, learn some very simple circuitry, and where each student will build a complete analog robot
  1. INDIVIDUAL LAB NOTEBOOK (Report#1) - 9/12//13
  2. INDIVIDUAL LAB NOTEBOOK (Report#2) - 9/19/13
  3. INDIVIDUAL DEMOS - 9-24, 26
  4. INDIVIDUAL FINAL REPORT#3 due 9/26/13

Semester Team Project - Autonomous Vehicle

The Team project for Fall 2013 is the design an construction of an Autonomous vehicle. It is broken down into four major sub-tasks: (1) the mechanical design and fabrication of a chassis that employs a pair of wheel motors and a differential steering geometry under the open-loop control of an embedded controller (Arduino); (2) the introduction of ranging sensors to measure the vehicle's relationship to vertical walls and algorithms for steering accordingly; (3) encoder design and odometry for closing the loop and path control; and (4) a supervisory control for a long range autonomous traverse.

Before the first part is fabricated or the first line of code is written, it is strongly recommended that your team meet and consider the entire set of subgoals. Even the first task requires that your design plans ahead for the last, to the best of your ability, try to think ahead and anticipate what you'll need for all of the challenge tasks between now and December.

REPORTS: Weekly notebook summaries (<= 2 pages) are to be submitted by every student. These reports should include your name, the date, your team #, and the week # of the report. It should begin with the team GANTT from October 1 to December 5 with tasks assigned to names. Everyone on the same team should submit the same GANTT. Following this common plan, each student should focus on their independent progress on each of the tasks assigned to them.

The semester will include 4 Team reports (on those days, no individual reports are required) and 3 scored demonstrations:

  1. Project #2 - chassis design and fabrication (9/27-10/17)
    chassis, motors, Arduino, open-loop steering control
    1. report #4 (individual) - 10/3/13
    2. report #5 (individual) - 10/10/13
    3. report #6 (final/team)- 10/17/13
  2. Project #3 - wall following (10/18 - 11/5)
    PING implementation, wall following control, maze traversal algorithm
  3. Project #4 - photoreflectors/odometry (11/6 - 11/21)
  4. Long-Range Speed Challenge (11/22 - 12/5, 9 days given break)