Computer Science Department




Embedded Systems

Spring 2017


Rod Grupen



Spring 2017 Schedule

This course is oriented around a series of incremental projects that result in an integrated robot. In 2017, we consider an autonomous balancing robot that can navigate precisely, solve a simple maze, and execute a long-scale traverse reliably.

In lab, multi-disciplinary teams of 4-5 people learn basic lab skills and collaborate on the invention of a robot that can complete the challenge tasks. Teams are required to meet once a week (nominally during scheduled lab sections) to form a project plan and individual students execute their roles in the plan during open lab hours (week days 10:00 - 5:00).

Lecture will review important technical background including analog circuitry, interfaces to embedded architectures, electromechanical systems, control, signal interpretation, as well as project planning, management, and reporting. The lecture material will be delivered to complement the design process and is therefore organized into the modules listed below. There is a nominal order to the presentation, but it may change, stay tuned.

Each student will maintain a lab notebook to record all independent lab results. Each student will submit one page summaries of their work every Friday including the team project plan and their progress/results on tasks for which they are responsible except when there are team challenges when teams will submit one report together. The final project report will be submitted as a team and accompany the final robot challenge.

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