Computer Science Department




Embedded Systems

Fall 2013


Rod Grupen


Fall 2013 Course Information

We will play with concepts fundamental to embedded control applications while designing and building our own stand-alone robots with embedded processors. This is a laboratory oriented class requiring laboratory skills and methods - this course is hands on!

The Embedded Systems course is an introduction to hardware/software solutions. We will invent a robot to compete is a series of challenges against other teams in the class. It is as much an introduction to collaborative problem solving and project planning as it is to hands-on skills, simple mechanical design, simple circuit analysis, and lab methods.

The goals of this course include:

This is a laboratory oriented class. Most of what we do and the time we spend together will be hands on. The nominal "lecture" time (Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-3:45 LGRC 311) will be used to speak to the group and introduce background and things necessary to do lab projects. The extra "lab" time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:30-3:45 LGRC 311) are to be used as office hours and flexible time that you can use to finish up that week's project. You have all registered for one of these MWF sessions to make sure that you have the time available.

Prerequisites: consent of instructor

Credit: 3 units



Required text:

Recommended texts: