Computer Science Department





Spring 2018


Rod Grupen


Course Information

This class is a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical foundations of robotics. We plan to cover actuation, control, kinematics, dynamics, sensors and signal processing, path planning, uncertainty, probabilistic models and inference, and machine learning for motor control.

During the semester, each student will build a simulated robot based on the "Roger-the-Crab" simulator to reinforce the material in class. The programming exercises will provide building blocks for a final project.

Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-2:15, LGRC 310

Credit: 3 units

Instructor: Rod Grupen, Email: grupen "at" cs "dot" umass "dot" edu, Phone: 413-545-3280, Office: Wednesday 3:00-5:00 LGRC A337
Teaching Assistant: Sadegh Rabiee, Email: srabiee "at" cs "dot" umass "dot" edu, Office: Monday 4:15-6:15 LGRT T220


Grading Policy: All project work and homework assignments are to be completed by individual students. Discussion regarding projects is encouraged, however, every student must complete all of the work associated with every project/homework independently.

Assignments generally include open-ended problems that require the student student to make assumptions and use concepts discussed in class to support conclusions. This can involve explanation and/or analysis that is not explicitly part of the question . Projects should be written up carefully---presentation is part of the grade. Code will sometimes be required, but source code should not appear in the write up. Instead, devise experiments that demonstrate correctness. Where necessary, include pseudocode to capture important algorithmic details.

Late Policy: Homework assignments should be dated and submitted electronically on the day when they are due. After 11:59PM on the due date, assignments will be considered 1 day late. There will be a 5% penalty for every late day---that is, with 2 late days and with a raw grade of 100% on the assignment, your score will be (1.0 - 2(0.05))*100% = 90%.

Many of the materials created for this course are the intellectual property of the instructor. This includes, but is not limited to, the syllabus, lectures and course notes. Except to the extent not protected by copyright law, any use, distribution or sale of such materials requires the permission of the instructor. Please be aware that it is a violation of university policy to reproduce, for distribution or sale, class lectures or class notes.

grupen "at" cs "dot" umass "dot" edu