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Roderic A. Grupen

Professor, Computer Science Department
Director, Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics
Computer Science Building
140 Governors Drive
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9264

office: A337 Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRC), (413) 545-3280
lab: A307 LGRC, (413) 577-0618
fax: (413) 545-1249
grupen "at" cs·umass·edu

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Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Utah 1988
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University 1984
B.A. Physics, Franklin and Marshall College 1980
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Washington University 1980

Professor Grupen is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal and Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (AI EDAM).


Professor Grupen conducts research that integrates signal processing, control, dynamical systems, learning, and development as a means of modeling intelligent systems. A central focus is controllers for complex, highly redundant, distributed systems. Grupen and his students have contributed hierarchical representations for sensorimotor policies that facilitate learning and transfer. This approach guides experimental research aimed toward:

In conjunction with colleagues in Computer Science and Developmental Psychology, these tools have been used as the basis of a computational model of sensorimotor development in humans and machines. Work is underway that seeks to explain the dynamics of early childhood development in terms of a stochastic search and policy formation in a well-defined space of native actions.



courses and seminars:

  • Acquiring Conceptual Knowledge from Sensorimotor Interaction
  • CMPSCI 503 Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CMPSCI 603 Robotics
  • Interpreting Uncertain Evidence: Theory and Application

    graduate independent study:

  • Advanced Topics in Dextrous Manipulation
  • Dynamic Simulation of Mechanisms
  • Correctness in Reactive Behavior
  • Legged Locomotion

    undergraduate independent study:

  • Parallel Architectures for Low Level Control of Multifingered Robot Hands
  • Haptics
  • Design and Implementation of Sensor-Based Multilegged Robot

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