Computer Science Department





Spring 2014


Rod Grupen


Course Announcements

The EdLab

All students in CS 603 have an account. Most account names are the same as your OIT usernames (not your CS department usernames). If it isn't working, contact me and I will check the username list that CSCF sent me.

There are 5 Elnux Linux systems (,,,, and available for remote logins.

Initial passwords will be ELxxxaaa, where xxx is the last 3 digits of your ID number and aaa is the first 3 characters/digits of your username (unless you had an account last semester and changed it, then it will be whatever you set it to). Your home directory is on the grad partitions (in group "grad"). Your login will source the course .login and .cshrc scripts. You will have links to all the courses supported by the EdLab, e.g. type "cd cs603 " to get to your 603 course directory. This is where you should do all your CS 603 work. Each student in the class will have a directory under the top level course directory /courses/cs600/cs603. The directories have group access only (cs603). The instructor (and TA) are the only people in that group. Common course related material can be found in the /courses/cs600/cs603/cs603 directory. If you have permission issues, let me (and/or the TA) know. Please send mail to if you have any questions or problems.

EdLab FTP site

You can elect to use the edlab servers to run your simulator. To compile and run the simulators remotely, you will need access to a Unix (Linux) machine with X windows.

You can also get software via ftp at Log in as anonymous. From there, "cd /pub/cs603." Get everything from there. You may have to fix paths in the makefile that compiles the code. Directions regarding other files that need to be altered will be given with each homework assignment. Don't edit files indiscriminately or you may break the simulator and need to start over. Have fun!

grupen "at" cs "dot" umass "dot" edu