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Embedded Systems

Fall 2019


Rod Grupen


Fall 2019 Course Information

This is a laboratory oriented class. Most of what we do and the time we spend together will be hands on.

Lecture (Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:45 LGRC 310) will review important technical background including analog circuitry, interfaces to embedded architectures, electromechanical systems, control, signal interpretation, as well as project planning, management, and reporting and will introduce the lab projects. The lecture material will be delivered to complement the design process.

In Lab, multi-disciplinary teams of 4-5 people learn basic lab skills and collaborate on the invention of the vehicle that can complete the challenge tasks. Open lab hours (week days 10:00-5:00) are flexible time that you can use to finish up that week's tasks in the Embedded Systems Lab (the north end of LGRC A307).

Each student will maintain a lab notebook to record all independent lab results. In lab notebooks, students should record all data relevant to the project: designs; notes on implementation, quantitative performance data, etc., everything needed to reproduce the result, communicate with their teammates, and contribute to the final report.

Your entire team is required to meet at least once a week to collectively manage the project plan. The scheduled lab sections (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:30-3:45 LGRC 310) are, nominally, for this purpose, but your team can schedule planning meetings whenever it is convenient. I attempt to draw up teams from students registered for the same lab sections to make sure that you have at least this time available. In addition, I offer office hours during these sections.

Every Friday, each student will submit a lab report. Most often, this will be an individual report, the exception is the team reports following the completion of the challenge tasks. All reports should include the team's working GANTT chart with task assignments. Every team member should submit the same GANTT chart and the plan should report the total number of work hours invested by each member to complete the work plan.

Individual reports consist of 1-2 page summary of individual progress on your specific tasks. These reports should include your name, team number/name, the names of your team mates, and the date of submission. Individual reports should detail progress/issues, experimental measurements, analysis, redesign, and related communication in the group.

Final (team) reports are 5-6 page documents with illustrations, numerical performance data, and anything else necessary to reproduce your platform and result.

Prerequisites: consent of instructor

Credit: 3 units



Required text:

Recommended (optional) texts: