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uBot-5 with prototype spherical hands

The uBot-5 is a small and lightweight research platform for mobile manipulation. It was designed to be an economical robot that is highly capable, durable, and safe to operate. The uBot-5 is dynamically stable, using two wheels in a differential drive configuration for mobility. Dynamically stable robots are well suited to environments designed for humans where both a high center of mass and a small footprint are often required. In the case of the uBot-5, which behaves much like an inverted pendulum, active stabilization becomes easier as the robot (and thus the center of mass) becomes taller. The uBot-5 can also employ whole body postural control afforded by its dynamically stable configuration to generate greater pushing and pulling forces than are possible on an equivalent statically stable platform.

Technical Information

The uBot-5 was designed and built from scratch at the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics. The robot has 11-dof, 4 in each arm, two wheels, and a rotating trunk. Each joint is actuated using Micromo coreless DC motors. Power is provided by six A123 racing packs. The platform is equiped with a PC/104+ based Pentium computer for high level computation and wireless connectivity. Low level control is provided by a custom 12-channel FPGA based servo controller. The FPGA can update the positions/velocities of all motors at more than 2kHz. An embedded PowerPC core provides low-latency RAW ethernet connectivity and manages low-level reflexes such as balancing and transitions between postural modes. The robot has three heads which can be interchanged depending on the application: a pan/tilt head with stereo cameras, a 8.4" LCD touchscreen with speakers, and a fixed ASUS Xtion PRO.

All the Solidworks models for uBot parts are available upon request.

Research Videos

Selected Publications

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News and Press

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Video demonstrating autonomous skill acquisition with the uBot-5 wins the AAAI-11 Best Student Video award. The video can be watched here.

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The San Francisco Chronicle (12/9/07) also covered the Robo Development Conference and Expo: The Robots Among Us

Bryan talked about the uBot-5 in a video interview by VI Shots while at the 2007 RoboDevelopment Conference and Expo in San Jose.

Collaboration with the Personal Robotics Group at MIT, is covered by the New York Times Magazine (7/29/07): The Real Transformers